SearchUSAPeople is a US search engine with access to billions of public documents. Find phone numbers, addresses, income, assets and more.

Our website is the public records search engine in the United States, covering 95% of the United States adult population from all states, cities, towns, and hamlets. The results list also includes island regions in the US.

You get the highest level of investigative service possible. With our searches for people in the US, background checks, reverse phone searches, address searches, and other services we offer on this website, we want to ensure that all US public records and contact information are available online to you, all people can explore from home.

The best way to find information about a person is to use the people finder, where public documents are easily accessible. Enter a phone number, address, or name to call a friend or check someone’s history. You can see not only your criminal record, age, phone number, household members, marital status, address history or current address, but also who your neighbors and relatives are.

With unrestricted access to public records, you can change the background:

Military friend
family members
Business partner
What we offer is a past verification service – $4.95 for 7 days of full access.

Our mission and vision
Our vision and mission is to create a better everyday life for anyone who wants to find detailed information about a person. SearchUSAPeople provides you with an in-depth search for people with billions of records to explore and our goal is to give you the best experience using our services and be satisfied with the results. We want to make sure that all public records are available online so that everyone can browse people from home.

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Privacy policy and search terms in the US understands how much you value privacy. The privacy of our visitors is very important to us. Of course we are also internet users.

We respect the privacy of our users online. Example: does not use cookies. Visitor privacy is protected and protected by Comodo SSL certificate. We do not collect or solicit any personal or personal data. Read more about our privacy policy: Privacy Policy page

If you are a resident of California, you should know that we do not collect any information from you. Check out our California privacy page.

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